Our ESG values

We are proud to have an integrated Environmental, Social and Governance framework as part of our investment process. We believe ESG as part of our investment decision-making process is the path towards ethical, longevity and resilient value generation through appropriate Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs).

We are interested in understanding our shareholders’ views and believe in engaging in direct communication on ESG matters to ensure mutual understanding. There is an increasing investor interest and recognition between the connection of sound ESG management and corporate resilience. Additionally, there is greater public scrutiny towards companies and investors and the role they play in today's economy and the impact on society.

We are convinced that financial return should not completely be separated from environmental and social impact. ESG is an opportunity to engage with investors. We value trust and transparency, and thus it is our challenge to prove the positive impact SRIs have on financial performance.

Sustainable development goals


Our ESG values are mainly represented by the integration of technology and innovation during the development process of the projects with a specific attention given to Sustainable Development Goals:

Gender equality

Responsible consumption
and production

and clean energy

Clean water
and sanitation

Climat action

Gender equality

Whether or not legal frameworks are in place to promote, enforce and monitor equality and non‑discrimination on the basis of gender.

Use case: Gender equality, equitable representation and fair treatment of woman and men.

Clean water and sanitation

Proportion of wastewater safely treated in accordance with a circular approach.

Use case: On one hand, wastewater is reprocessed and then reinserted into the water supply heating system. On the other hand, rainwater is collected, filtered and inserted into the sanitary water supply system.

Affordable and clean energy

Sharing of renewable energy in the total final energy consumption within the framework of production in sustainable and circular energies.

Use case: Generation of electricity through the installation of roof-top photovoltaic solar panels. Equipment of thermal solar panels for hot water allowing the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Responsible consumption and production

National recycling, material recycled.

Use case: Optimization and sustainable management of waste (mainly during the process of demolition, where needed) by ensuring where possible, proper disposal of waste to remain in alignment with the circular economy concept.

Climate action

Countries that have communicated the establishment or operationalization of an integrated policy/strategy/plan which increases their ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change, and foster climate resilience and low greenhouse gas emissions development.

Use case: Fortunately, all constructions are assessed by law regarding the energy efficiency of the building. We go beyond the requirement and as such, our buildings score in a range from mandatory A to mostly AAA being the highest. A number of our developments are assessed by the Luxembourg certification Lenoz (Lëtzebuerger Nohaltegkeets Zertifizéierung fir Wunngebaier) which analyses the durability of new constructions.

The certification by these types of labels in accordance with green values is a guarantee of quality which is in compliance with associated environmental standards before, during and post-development.

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