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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg enjoys political-, fiscal- and social stability, providing the country with strong economic fundamentals. Luxembourg continues to benefit from the best rating of major rating agencies: S&P, Moody’s and Fitch. It is one of only eleven countries worldwide with a AAA rating.

Throughout the pandemic in 2020 which hit countries on a global scale, Luxembourg’s economy has proven to be strong and resilient by maintaining a AAA rating.

READ MORE The real estate industry and mainly the residential market is the strongest in Luxembourg. According to a combined analysis from STATEC, IMF, Observatoire de l’habitat and PwC, the total value of the residential market was over 122 billion euros in 2014.

It's continuous growth at the average annual rate of 5% to reach 158 billion euros by 2020.

Invest in Luxembourg


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Since 2004, the residential market in Luxembourg has increased steadily based on 4 key drivers:

  • Population growth since 2004 and by more than 40% in 25 years.

  • Housing demand has remained high, mostly for apartments, which are more expensive per square meter than houses.

  • Shortage of housing supply to meet increasing demand.

  • Building standards are among the highest in Europe and construction related costs have also increased.

In Europe, Luxembourg displays a high dynamic demographic growth and quality of life.

The country has established itself as a European hub for international companies.

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