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Holon currently invests its assets predominantly in Europe. Our objective is to build a diversified portfolio of development properties throughout strategically selected countries within Europe, mainly but not solely in Portugal, France and Belgium.

Our portfolio is composed of residential and commercial development properties. We stay close to the development projects during the entire production lifecycle. To mitigate risks inherent to the real estate industry, without sacrificing performance, we work solely with trusted partners we have managed throughout the years.

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We believe adequate pre-trade analysis and ongoing risk management are key to efficient investing. Our partnerships are carefully selected and must adhere to the criteria of our investment process including (but not limited to) the following; thorough due diligence on target, adequate projections and performance analysis, appropriate risk assessment and compliance checks with selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We strongly believe in the power of diversification as an efficient tool to portfolio risk dilution. We aim at building a portfolio highly diversified in terms of deal size and geography. As we strive for quality and transparency, we put tremendous emphasis on aligning our interests and values with those of our investors and partners, thus ensuring solid unity.

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An integrated enviroNmental, social and governance framework as part of our investment process